NW Comfort Sandwiches

Distinctive  sandwiches hand made with pride


After 20 years of banking and corporate America, two lifelong friends have thrown in the towel, and taken up the knife. 

In their travels throughout this country, Stan and Ben have encountered simple, but amazing sandwiches that have become staples in their communities.


Some of Our Favorites


ITalian beef

Slow roasted Beef and spicy Giardiniera piled on a fresh Hoagie

$10 (Half: $6)


Viet Chop

Lemongrass Marinated Pork Loin, Scallion Oil, Sliced Cucumber, Pickled Daikon, Carrot, Cilantro, and Chimichurri on a fresh Hoagie

$10 (Half: $6)



Deep fried Pork cutlet, mustard, mayo, onion, homemade Bread and Butter Pickle and Lettuce on a fresh Brioche Bun.     





Herb roasted PorK

Herb roasted Pork, Provolone, and Chimichurri spread on a fresh Hoagie 

$10  (Half:$6)



Deep fried spicy Chicken breast, mayo, lettuce, homemade Bread and Butter pickles, and Nashville hot sauce.



Additional Menu Items coming soon!

Just had my first Stanwich. I tried the Nashville Chicken and it was fantastic!
— Travis Colson
Stan and Ben catered today with their Italian Beef sandwiches, and they were awesome. Excellent guys. Can’t wait for my next one.
— Jesse Gardiner
The Hot Chicken with the homegrown/homemade pickles is RIDICULOUS! A different level of Sandwiches.
— Joe Swearingen
If you’ve been to Philly or Chi-Town, you know what you were missing in the Pacific Northwest: these sandwiches.
— Jack Dorsey


Vancouver, WA


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